Saturday, June 5, 2010

*******************Some pictures of our garden

As it has been such a beautiful week it would be a shame not to take any pictures of the garden, it is looking very well for the moment, I sometimes wish I could stop time.

A red dragonfly sitting on my hand.

Alfie enjoying the shade, I had to sit on the grass.

I managed to capture the dragonflies laying eggs, there appear to be much more dragonflies this year than
previous years 

From this bug crawling up a flowerpot in the greenhouse to...........

A few minutes later

It is shaping up slowly...

This one is not perfect

Nearly there

A beautiful Ermine moth

The whole process took just over an hour and I felt realy good about having seen this in real life instead of on wildlife programs. My only regret is that I'm not a better photographer.

Peony rose, perfect blooms this year as we've had no rain for ages.

The Clematis Montana is the most beautiful I've ever seen it, perhaps the cold winter helped to make it bloom so well